Brilliantly achieved – Cape Times

Umuzi, Sep 2018
ISBN 9781415210192 (Paperback)
ISBN 9781415210215 (eBook)

When stalled novelist Charlie Wasserman’s investment-banker wife divorces him, he finds among her belongings a box of letters. Written between 1940 and 1944, the letters reveal a love affair between her grandfather, Theo, a forty-something lawyer at the time, and Flora, a much younger journalist. 

Even though Wasserman’s ex-wife has her lawyers instruct him to destroy the letters, an idea for a new book – a novel that could rekindle his career – is sparked.

As Wasserman’s preoccupation with the story of Theo and Flora grows, their lives unfurl in a symphony of brilliant detail against the backdrop of 1940s Cape Town and the war in Europe. In finely crafted prose full of wit and poignancy, 

Theo & Flora  showcases the skill of one of South Africa’s great contemporary novelists.

“His touch is so sure because his writing is so good, and because his characterisation is so credible, you just go, ‘Wow.’” John Maytham, Cape Talk

“You don’t really want to like Winkler, because he’s just so good at what he does.” Sunday Times

“Built on a number of devilish literary devices which had me hopelessly sucked in within a few chapters.”