A meticulously crafted thriller-cum-trauma novel – Aerodrome

Soho Press, New York, 2018 & 2019
ISBN 9781616958824 (Hardcover) 
ISBN 9781616959784 (Paperback)
ASIN B0722MTBHT (Kindle
ASIN B078YZGVRZ (Audiobook)

As Je m’appelle Nathan Lucius: Editions Métailié, 2016
ISBN 9791022605397

As Wasted: Kwela, 2015
ISBN 9780795706998

Nathan Lucius, 31, is an ad salesman at a Cape Town newspaper. Disaffected, hard-drinking and plagued by blackouts, Nathan lives alone and has only one true friend, a woman named Madge. But Madge is dying slowly of cancer, and when she asks Nathan to end her pain, she sets off a shocking string of events.

A modern-day answer to Crime and Punishment, My Name Is Nathan Lucius is a taut and unforgiving exploration of the intersection of violence, trauma, social responsibility, and memory. Stylish, intense, and unforgettable, this glittering noir gem will appeal to readers of Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk as well as fans of Thomas Harris and Dennis Lehane.

“Those with a taste for the darkest of noir will be gratified.” Publishers Weekly

“Bleak, ambitious, thought provoking.” Booklist

“Between suspense novel, drama and psychological portrayal, My Name is Nathan Lucius offers a gripping immersion into a disturbed mind; the very nuanced analysis of an ambivalent anti-hero, at once a monster a victim. A well-driven and fascinating novel.” L’Opinion